Random Clowns ARE Douchebags

So I am walking down the street, enjoying the Third Avenue Street Fair and listening to Yanni on my iPhone, when all of a sudden I run into this guy.  Duffy the Clown!

“Hi Duffy”  I said.  How are you doing today?  “Great” he replied.  “I am out and about trying to bring happiness to children”   I immediately knew I had to add him to The Massengill Report.  It’s one thing to volunteer to dress up at a children’s hospital (maybe once a year at Xmas).  Its entirely different when the highlight of your week is dressing up like this schmuck with the hope of getting a rise out of children spending the day with their parents.  I kept my kids the hell away from him – but it wasn’t hard.  They thought he was creepy too.


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